Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDEED.......................

Saturday was Meg's 16 birthday and she spent it doing laps at 24/9. Murphykate's ma even baked her a chocolate birthday cake. Only problem for the girls was they were "base camped" with the soon-to-be Clydesdale champions...TEAM SMUT PEDDLER (as Marko dubbed us) and that cake lasted about as long as a fart in a tornado.....Thanks Gretchen.

The girls raced really well and more importantly they had a blast. My team had a good race too, but I was just so pumped up to see the juniors having such a great time. Huge props to Sammy, Murphykate, Sarah, Meg, Nate, Mitch, Miles, Theo, and how about Travis Brunner??...a 24hr solo and the kid is what??14 yrs old. What a monster..
Every kid I knew out there looked like they were having the time of their life.

I got this thing thrown to me at the start of the awards....Tried it on....it really wasn't my color, and I thought it made my ass look big, and I had no top or shoes to go with it, so I gave it away immediately.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

YOU'VE GOT MAIL.........................

Sunday, July 22, 2007

WHAT GOES AROUND...................

I think Jamie has the same haircut as when she was 7. It looks even nicer with a full compliment of teeth.

These gals took 2nd place in the 6 hr duo at the WEMS race yesterday at Crystal Ridge and came pretty close to winning.......if you consider 2 minutes in a 60 mile race close.
Should be good practice for the upcoming WORS race.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


My bike is broken...I had a bad race Sunday......My hot rod has a radiator leak........

I think it's a good time to take it easy for a bit. Not quite as easy as him, him, or him, but easy nevertheless. It's safe to say I will be plenty rested for this. See if it helps.

Monday, July 09, 2007

HEATSTROKE 78........

Meg and I headed to Burlington with Cooooooop and his much better half to do the the Heatstroke 100. Another first for the Wolf's, but Coop and Anne were seasoned veterans. A large group headed out with a variety of mileage plans which included 43, 74, and 100 mile routes. We bargined for 74 miles, but somehow missed a cut-off and found ourselves in a group with Torgler, Rockstar, Josh Barrett, and Kyle who were doing the 100. The look on Meg's face was hillarious when Donny K. told her she was on the 100 mile route. Fortunately, Danny and Buran missed the same turn and the 4 of us were able to get back on the 74 course with only a few extra miles.

Thanks-a-million from Meg to Danny for not only riding with, but also coaching and giving pointers the entire ride. She hung in really well for close to 60 miles and spent the last hour or so in and out of the hurt locker. Almost 79 miles was probably a bit much for her given the temps, but certainly not child abuse like her grandmother seems to suggest. It was her longest ride to date by 15 miles or so.

Danny has been one of many (you all know who you are and your help is greatly appreciated) over the last couple years who have taken Meg "under their wing" so-to-speak and worked with her on the fundementals of cycling as well as bike racing. Your help has played a big part in her development over the last 3 years.

Friday, July 06, 2007

CRAPPY BIKE RIDE PHOTOS........................................

Here, here, and maybe here too ( I know he was snapping pics.)

For the record, I had nooo problem hanging with the 5 elite racers in attendance. I am seriously considering an upgrade.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Livin' large on Sunday when she should have been giving her and her a hand with a few Minnesota girls in Eau Claire.

Jack was working on his game though.....

The bulk of the organizing and cooking for the reunion was done by my cousin Amy and her boyfriend Terry. They are always super hosts and they are part of the local group of MTB'ers that are putting on the Smokin' Spoke race. They are both pretty good riders, but have not tried racing as of yet even though our family as well as the local Rhinelander WORS racers have been putting on the pressure. Terry is just a big old clyde(what's not to like?) and Amy could be racing at the sport level after a short time. So....If you see them volunteering at the Rhinelander race, tell them to "get in the game"and assure them it's not as painful as you are making it look.

Cousin Tyler's band provided some rock and roll.

It was a good weekend.