Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ran into Erich-the-bald last night on the local trails. We took a ride and did some exploring and reconniscence. We put our heads together and made an ass out of ourselves....get it?

I hit up the trails again tonight with The artist formerly known as Coooop..
We also took a nice ride and did some exploring. Both nights I rode the pedal bike pictured above and recall thinking on a number of occasions that it would have been a much better choice than the Salsa for the muddy conditions in Rockford on Sunday.
I continue to learn all my lessons the hard way.
I also recall thinking about reading Spicyride's blog post about her local trails and the different names people give to certain parts of their trails. Everybody does it......I mean Sheboygan has The Equalizer, Crystal Ridge has Craters of the Moon, there is a section on the Rhinelander course called The Wart....and the list goes on.
On our local trails in Tosa we have areas like Harley Woods, Monkey Ridge, Homo Holler, and Ass-Water Creek. I also understand there is a piece of trail being labeled The Bubba Trail....I don't know the significance of the name, but it's a pretty nifty section.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OUT WITH THE OLD...........


I scored a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer....

I realize it's not quite the "chick-magnet" I had with the Caravan, but I guess I'll just have to get by on my charming personality and sexy pedal bikes for a while until I can afford that Toyota Yaris "babe-catcher" I've got my eye on.
If I play my cards right, I should be able to slide behind the wheel of the Yaris just as I'm easing into my mid-life crisis in a couple of years.

Yeah...I'm gonna miss that old van....

And speaking of things that have lasted waaayy longer than I ever thought they would......

Gusto is still hangin' in there some 13 months after we adopted him from the Humane Society. He has still got some issues for sure...bad hips and breath that could drop a charging rhino at 50 paces among other things.... but he's mellower than Barry White and a great dog and we will just continue to spoil the shit out of him for whatever time he has left.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well folks.....The trusty 95 Dodge Caravan was threatening to nickle n' dime me into submission, so I thew up the white flag before it had the chance.

I should not complain though considering back in 95 when I bought it, Meg was not even 2 years old and was doing the bulk of her training in a stroller.....I never thought she would actually be legally driving it. It was a dependable car for a long time.

So.......With the help of Coooooop...I headed out lookin' for a ride that fits my personality. I had some criteria that needed to be met however....

1....I had to find something I could live in if I get myself into a predicament...and

2...I had to find something that was better on gas than my old GMC pick up.

I ended up compromising..... a few MPG's for this baby.

I'll post a few pics of the exterior after I pick it up tonight.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

MEMPHIS CHOKED.......................

Dear Coach Calipari,

Let me begin by congratulating the Memphis Tigers on a successful 38-2 season.

Also.... if I may, offer a piece of advice to your team for future reference....
A little less time in the tattoo shop and a little more time in the gym practicing your foul shots might be helpful next time around.
Yeah...your guys looked real bad-ass while they were blowing chow all over themselves at the freethrow line down the stretch last night.

Strong letter to follow....


You hillbillies cost me $50.00 in my office pool.

What else is up??....Well....

This is some pretty cool shit...Dude...I'm linked up on a pro's blog.
This is gonna be a nice ride..
This too...
This might be after some tweaking.....I'm just not used to all that suspension anymore.

I am riding pretty consistantly 4-5 times a week, but would like to get in a few longer rides and would really welcome the opportunity to ride on some dirt soon. Afterall...I do fancy myself a mountain biker...A slow, old mountain biker, but a mountain biker none-the-less.

I am losing a few pounds, but it's a slow process....I blame Chipolte.

Some people can just blog about dropping weight and the pounds seem to melt off....not me.

My kids are completely out of control...

Jamie got a tattoo.

Megan is talking about having her lip pierced now that she is getting her braces off next month. Her orthodontist had been advising against it while she has braces because apparently she could accidently wire her mouth shut or something.........Her orthodontist thinks that would be a problem...I pretended to agree.

And this one......Safe to say it's gonna take some creative parenting to keep her out of the teen lock-up because to quote her....."I'll do what I want".....Next time you see her, ask her how that attitude is working out for her.

That's it. Now you know everything.

Oh....I will be doing the Rock Cut race on the 20th. A long ride on dirt should be just what the doctor ordered.