Thursday, January 22, 2009

C'MON DUDE............

Did anyone listen to this guy??......Ub-bub-bub-uhhh-duh....I..I...

Hey Mushmouth...Let me spell it out for ya'.
You either......
A) knowingly neglected to pay your taxes...(making you a crook)....or
B) were ignorant of the tax laws and made "honest" mistakes (making you incompetent)

He's in D.C. today arguing of behalf of his incompetence.

OOOOOOOHH!!!.....But when it comes to finance, he's a genius.....REALLY????

When it comes to buffets, Randy is a genius.....that, however does NOT necessarily qualify him to be Secretary of Snacking.

But in the Presidents defense....he did say he would make some mistakes.

And by the way...... Barack
Good luck with this bitch because she ain't never answered to nobody and the way she sees it you are sittin' in her chair.
And I even like her .....remember I voted for her in 1996.

Monday, January 19, 2009

STRATS GOT YOUR TOUNGE........................

Greg was just one of the neighborhood kids....
The only difference was he was mastering Jimmy Hendrix on the guitar in about the 3rd grade.
A little taste here (after the 3 minute mark it gets pretty nuts) and here.

Some of you have checked him out....the rest of you need to.

One of Tosa'a finest....(not a cop, but he is layin' down the law)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Friday, January 16, 2009

UNDER THE BRIDGE..............

The first time I kissed a girl ....back in about 1973-74 was under a bridge at the river.
If my memory serves me, she had the exact same look on her face.

What is it about bridges that give chicks the willies?

Friday, January 09, 2009

VINTAGE CRAP....................

Regardless of how much work you put into a $8.75 Rust-Oleum paint job. Regardless of how much time you spend polishing 40+ year old chrome or cleaning bearings.

A 1967 Schwinn Varsity pulled out of a dumpster is still a Crappy bike.

How do I know???...He said so.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


.......but my ass is broken.

After reading a few blogs, I thought to myself....How hard can snowboarding really be??. I figured if The Goat can do it...anyone can.

Well, since I did not have the time or extra cash to begin my snowboarding career in the mountains of was off to Sunburst. (I mean I own that place on a MTB..right??)

I/ it went down sumpthin' like this.....

-Headed to the bunny hill for some instruction and some sweat.

-Within 45 mins. or so I was able to get up said bunny hill via the tow rope and get back down stopping a few times as to not gain too much

-After about an hour and a hot cup of Joe, I decided I was ready to tackle the chair lift and one of the bigger runs....this also went well.
(I was advised not to try the chairlift my first time out)

-After 10 or a dozen runs I was doing pretty OK. About half the time getting off the chairlift upright...and the other half on my ass. I was making my way down the hill slowly switching back as to not get out of control.....going good.

-Then I got that "false confidence"....I could feel it building....a little faster....a little faster. We've all been there.... I remember saying to myself..."Relax and you might live to do this again"..but I was having a blast...that snowboarding is some fuuuuun stuff.

- Then it happened...WHAM!!!!...I crashed harder than my retirement accounts. Right on my about peeing in my punch bowl. I was really having fun.

-Dizzy and nauseated I was flat on my back in the middle of the hill thinking...Well Bubba...that's about enough for tonight....I couldn't get up for about 10 minutes except to get myself off to the side of the hill and lay back down.

-Now I've bounced off my tailbone many times, but never like this. I've been in the hurt bag since Saturday and it does not seem like the pain is going to be gone anytime soon.

-The other night I took the opportunity to moon the wife and ask her if it was black and blue....(the kids found it both funny and disgusting.....Julie just found it disgusting.)

I can't wait to get out there again, but in the meantime most forms of exercise are a real chore. I have found that swimming laps in the pool is a pain-free workout that i will employ until I feel better.

I got this cat in the radar now.