Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well....I busted the RIG.
We were camping over the weekend in Warrens,Wi . I was loading up the van to go for a ride with Meg at Levis Trow about 25 miles down the road when I noticed a crack on the seat tube right above the top tube weld. I'm pretty sure I cracked it at Crystal Ridge last Wednesday night. Bummer.
I guess there will be no singlespeeding for the fat guy for a while.
I should know by the end of the week how long it will take to be replaced. I thought the purple really looked good on me, but I'm pretty sure the replacment frame will be black. Oh well....Maybe I'll just get some Mr Bigg stickers and pretend.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Good lookin' bunch....hey????? NOT. And I don't even have a good pic. of Jerry or B-dog. yet. Do they have some good riders and all-around decent chaps??...Sure (except for this one), but a swimsuit calender ain't coming anytime in the near future.
Aw hell.....who am I to talk.
Maybe I will pay a little photo tribute to the Alterra or Team Wisconsin boys next. They both provide plenty of ammo.


This is the guy that won the sport clyde race at Alpine. If I ever catch his ass the first thing I'm gonna do is put him on a scale. 201....SHIT!!! I'm a twinkie shy of 240.

The second thing I'm gonna do is send him to this guy for a lesson in chopology.

No sour grapes...I'm just playin'.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


And really slow.

I have never done an official race report, so here's my cherry-buster.
Had a decent start while watching Randy's ass fly past me like it was on fire. Then passed Randy in the very first section of singletrack. Did not see Randy again until the "results meeting" after the race.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Meg put in another great race today, but the bad parents that we are were off in the bushes drinking rum and partying with DaSug and a few other shady types when they called her name. A shame too because now that the Wolf's have enjoyed a little early success, Russell felt the need to give us a little lesson in proper podium etiquette.Meg was instructed to put her teeth in and no booze. I was told to loose the "wife beater" and stop looking so stuuuupid. We both were instructed to wear official team garb as well. My wife did manage to get a shot of me. I'm still a dork.

Friday, May 19, 2006

This suburban ghetto is a bloggers dream. Oh... the shit I see on my way to/ from work. I really need to throw my camera in the truck. It should pull me out of the blog cellar real quick.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dump, whizz, tube, air, goo, suffer, how are the kids going to do? Did Randy DNF yet? These are all things that go through my head in the start chute. Yea...I get the willies BIG TIME. But why? Mid-way through the first lap I relax and have a blast, but all that anxiety can't be a positive. Can it? At least when I ride the Rig , I don't have to worry about the derailluer falling off.

I think the RX-7 is sold. Angel from Chicago called last night and said he's renting a trailer at 7am and will be at my place by 9am on Saturday morning. He originally wanted to drive it home last Saturday when he first came to look at it. I had to convice him that it was not a good idea to drive back to Chi-town with a busted brake line and having to stop the car using the parking brake even though I made it look easy on our test drive. It also has 20yr. old gas, oil, antifreeze and all fluids. He finally agreed that a good tune up and going over would be best before it is driven too much.

The course conditions Saturday will make the decision for me as far as bike choice for Sunday. The original plan was for the Sugar, but the wetter things get, I will lean towards the Rig. I can only imagine the gear combo needed to haul 240 lbs up that mess.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Russell was offering half-way decent cash for this photo, but the photographer (my wife) was having none of it. Jay was lookin' pretty good on Sunday. Some day he might look as good as this guy.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Monday, May 08, 2006


I did not know what to expect for Meg as far as moving up to sport. She has spent almost zero time on a bike in the off-season except for bmx practices which ended a while ago. I know she is a good rider technically and did very well in citizen last year, but the extra distance and lack of saddle time had me a bit concerned. I think I was worried about nothing. She won her age group by almost 17 minutes and finished pretty near mid-pack overall. A successful first face on her newly refurbished race bike. Given to her as a gift by MAAABEEEATCH it was his circa 1996 race bike. I hear he was fast back then. I had it powder coated and bought new parts for a Xmas gift, and this clown built it up for her.

She is racing middle-distance for her high school track team and taken 1st in the 800 in every JV race she's done. The coach has also put her on some varsity relay teams in 4x800 and 4x 1mile. Not bad for a freshman and total track rookie. She is setting PR's in the 800 just about every time she races. After dropping the hammer on Helga -the eastern european a few weeks ago I started to get the idea she is developing the competative edge. I kinda like that. She showed it again yesterday when she shot out of the pines and locked horns with some guy in a sprint to the finish line.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Rumor has it Russell was the 3rd finalist in the contest to grace this billboard.