Wednesday, September 27, 2006


If I've done the math correctly, my opponent must finish in the top 2 spots at Sheboygan to be the champ. If he does, then I must beat him to win the overall. This will be the first time I have ever had to race for anything. Not that it is a huge deal......but I guess it is........not really.......but kinda. I'm more worried about ruining the"hat trick" for Casa de Bubba as these two will be winning thier series age groups.
Either way it ends, John is a great guy and we will surely drink beer afterward knowing we pushed eachother pretty hard this season(winner buys John??). He knows the course as well as anyone and has the support of this powerhouse. However, I too know a few fast guys like you, you, you, especially you and others. So, wadda ya' say boys???? It could be your racing tip that puts me over the top.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I put this clown into the ditch lickity-split. My truck was bigger than his...GIT-R-DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good news.... I was only 45 seconds away from winning the whole sport clyde race(both age groups) riding the rigid singlespeed.

Bad news......As this guy says, That makes me the first loser.....I was edged out by the only guy I could not afford to lose to.

Now I must battle with Holcomb for the series overall on his home course. He has had input on the layout of the course as well........Should be interesting.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I can assure you if this were my party, you all would have been invited.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sunday, September 17, 2006


So I break my frame and the Fisher folks send me a new frame, eccentric (ik-sen-trik) and one of these "fancy-shmancy" carbon forks. I just assumed they needed a crash test dummy for some product testing. Now...I'm quite sure these two can put the Switchblade fork through the paces big-time, but unless they are riding with one on the others shoulders or have a full keg strapped to their backs(I think example 2 is more likely) they are not leaning as much tonnage on it as I can. So it was off to Chequamegon for my first real "taste" of rigid singlespeeding.

Thursday was my first ride on the new set up. We rode the Ojibwa trail right next to the Hayes guy's condo. I must agree with Jay ......This is quality singletrack...Pretty darn bumpy, and the fork was really cool. Friday was a short easy pre-ride on a section of the 40 course and an early crash(bed that is)to prepare for Saturday's events.

The 40 came and went in 03:23:40.8 shaving 5 minutes off last year's time. Da Monsta and The Darkness(congrats to both) finished just a few minutes ahead of me robbing me of my podium spot, but I'll live............and I am happy to report that the bike,the fork and the Bubba are all in one piece and no worse for the wear.

I'm still trying to find out if these forks have a weight limit and I'm just lucky to be alive,or are they rated "Bubba-tough"??

Thanks to the Hayes guys for the post-race beers and hospitality.

Killn' it

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Leaving at 6am Thurs. to get in some riding on the Rock lake trails. I know you will all be patiently awaiting the 2nd worst race report of all time.

Check here for the worst one.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The fast guy's always have cool race reports. How can I write an interesting one like this guy, this guy, or this guy???? I can't..... However, now that Iv'e started and refuse to DNF, here goes.

The day started with a few of my fellow sport clydes bustin' my chops because they did not see my name on the weigh-in sheet. I forgot. So off I go to registration to weigh in. As I was about to step on the scale, I asked Minigoat (who was volunteering) if I looked like I lost 42 lbs. in the last couple days??? I don't remember her response. NOPE....gained 2.

Don yells gooooooooooooo and I'm feelin' pretty good on the lead out. Did not even notice my new 2 lbs. until we hit the hill climb. I was sufferin' at a turtle's pace all the way to the top. Once at the top, I turned my 244 lbs of rolling momentum to the desents, "gutterballing" almost out of control trying to make up the time lost inching up the climbs.

This was repeated the final 2 laps and wound up being good enough for second place and 1 step closer to winning my series overall, but the and beer guy is going to battle until the bitter end.

If I get a new rig, and am able to keep it in 1 piece....I intend to finish the year singlespeeding. Someday I will find the stones to race SS on a ski hill .

Thursday, September 07, 2006


My wife scored this beauty at a rummage sale in Rhinelander last weekend. The chick who sold it to her must have needed a cocktail or a pack of smokes real bad because she originally wanted 15 dollars, but took 5. Julie actually made me take it for a test-drive to see if I thought it was worth the money. She bought it for Russell's 4th of July "Crappy Bike Ride". Now she better get training because she got dropped this year and that thing is a tank.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yep....That's the 3rd frame this year. In fact I was dropping this off and picking up my waranteed Sugar at the same time. Both Rigs cracked in the exact same place. One Memorial Day weekend and one Labor Day weekend.
Here is a better look.
Glad I have the Surly now because I'm registered for Chequamegon as a SS'er.

I have taken the liberty to post Mountaingoat's comment for him.


One less skeleton in Da Monsta's closet and a new winter bike for me. I was able to put gears back on my old Specialized and sell it to my buddy Billy at work.I then turned the cash over to Ron and put the SS parts on.........Presto

Sunday, September 03, 2006


That's what my wife and Coop told me after listening to me whine and sulk about my complete meltdown at Devil's Head last week. I'm over it and better days are to come.
Thursday, Julie and I ditched the knuckleheads for a short trip to the nortwoods hey! We started in Rhinelander, the home of my cousin Amy and her boyfriend Terry. They turned me on to the Smokin' Spoke trails. A local bike shop puts on an early season race there and if you have not ridin them, it is definately worth a try. If fact we ran into WORS Don there on Friday riding with the potential race director who is trying to get it as a replacment for one of the races that will be lost after this season.
I ran into Don again Saturday at the WEMS race at Stump farm and he admitted he was checking out both places as possible replacment venues. I talked to him about it briefly and wish I could tell you I had some kind of inside scoop, but Don is not really one to "show his cards."
I think both of these courses would make for great WORS races to replace Kewaunee and Calumet. He actually mentioned that he may need to find 3 new race venues, but did not say which other one may be out.??..??

Alright.... enough business and on to some of what has made this blog what it is today.........LAME-ASS........
I did my first 6 hour solo race at the Stump Farm on Saturday. I show up with a gallon of gatorade, 2 salted nut rolls, and a box of cheez-its. Ronsta and Coooop just shook their heads really putting a dent in my fragile self-asteem. So I ask them for a little advice as this was my first race of this kind.
Ron advised me to eat and drink from start to finish to avoid the big bonk. Easy enough.....I've eaten and drank for 6 straight hours plenty of times before. Coooop suggested wearing 2pair of shorts to keep the "grumpy-ass" to a minimum.
I knew I could count on these guys. My wife ran to the store and got me some decent food and I had no problems with the backside whatsoever.