Monday, August 28, 2006


Does yakin' up a couple Cliff shots on an empty stomach count as puking??

Friday, August 25, 2006


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I am finding that people actually do tune in here to read this stupid dribble and quite honestly I'm feeling a little pressure to keep y'all entertained. I have also come to realize that all blogs are not created equal. I'm sure this blogging machine knows his place on the "food chain". Old Captain-quick-link is at the top of just about every link list out there.

Surprisingly, I have experienced pretty good feedback when making fun of myself. I will coutinue to do so because if you can't make fun of yourself...who can you make fun of????

Oh...A very lame showing tonight at the metro race at Crystal Ridge did A BIG FAT NOTHING to help me make a decision about the weekend.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WTF DO I DO NOW??????????????

I do not have a mountain bike with gears right now. While I really like riding SS, racing them requires a set of mid-section marbles that I have only been able to produce twice so far this season. I thought I would finish the year SS'ing at The Rapids and Sheboygan, but it was never in the plans for Devil's Head for sure.
Race or volunteer becomes the question for this weekend.??????

Reasons to volunteer
1. I would get quality volunteer points as I am in a battle for the series win.
2. Jamie and Megan are really doing well this year and I have not been able to watch them race. If they let me volunteer on the course somewhere, I could do that.
3. I should do it because, as Coop says, volunteers are needed to make these events what they are. He has volunteered in WORS, WEMS, and at the Wed. night metro races.
4. It may rain (but I like racing in the rain).

Reasons to race
1. Racing is cool(even for a fat, old, slow guy)
2. It might rain. On the single, that may be a plus.

I better pull my head out of my ass and make up my mind.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My Sugar frame is cracked.....busted. No, not a little stress crack like my bitch's, but snapped in half on the top tube where it meets the shock mount. I know what you are thinking...NO WAY !!! Not a Sugar. However a little research has turned up a few folks who have experienced durability issues with this particular bike. Big Mark, Big Jim, Big Russell, Big Coop, Big Kenny D(I think) and now Little Bubba have all busted these at one time or another. Funny thing is I think all these guys and others really like these bikes when they can keep them in one piece.

So, I take the bike to the shop last night and who is in there buying a couple bikes for himself, his wife, and little kid??? Danny for the Milwaukee Bucks. For a guy that recently inked a 36 million dollar deal, he was scoring some pretty entry level equipment. I recommended the Sugar (pointing to my busted one) He chuckled.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2ND-3RD........4TH 2ND

Jamie and Meg finished 2nd and 3rd overall in the womans sport race Sunday. They really seem to be coming in to thier own and improving every race. I, on the other hand took 2nd for the fourth race this year. I may have hit the wall.

We collectively, however have not gotten much better with experience when it comes to the podium. While this and this isn't too bad, this just doesn't cut it. My podium shortcomings have been well documented.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Friday, August 04, 2006


-Got my ass handed to me at the beatdown last night as usual, but made it further than ever before. Good ride for me.
-Speaking of my's finally back to normal after 24-9. Must have been the humidity.
-I could really use a decent race at Calumet Sunday. I have never done well there. Calumet was my very first WORS race back in 2002. It was also my first and only DNF.(flatted with no tube , tools, or air) rookie move. I have brought myself in on fumes and my bike across the finish line in pieces, but I'm not a big fan of the DNF.
-No news on my Poprad. I wonder what color they will be offering in 2008??
- I need to get working on the trails in front of my house. They need my attention.
-I need to build a shed and lay some pipe(drainage) in my back yard. I am starting to think this may not happen this year. Whatever...................................................

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Judging by the looks on their faces, they thought they were these guys. Yes.....That's mabeeeaatch on the right anchoring his Extreme Dream Team boys to the podium in the kids race (12 hour). In fact Team Extreme had a nice showing overall with our youth team wrapping up 1st in their 12 hr race by about noon on Saturday. The Hoffman's placed well (7th) in the 24 hour duo....and they were co-ed although Candy really showed she had quite a "set of stones". After Big Mark took a digger Saturday, The Extreme team of Dr Dave, Rick Walls, myself , and the fill-in Tim Montee placed 8th out of 25 teams in the 24 hour mens sport race. I told Coop," We must have been more desparate than I thought, we grabbed a Hayes guy" Coop said " Smart move,NOW you have a chance" (note to self....come a little heavier next time you want to be a smart-ass to Coop.)

I had a blast for my first 24 hr event and will put it high on the "must do" list for next year.

Highlights include;

Drinking Big Mark's white gas for his camp stove because it was in the same looking bottle as my water. I did not swallow it though, instead opting to spit it out at Nitnylion's campsite. Got a match??

Helping Cathy (The Michael's Cycles girl) out to the road after she crashed pretty good on my 2am lap. She thanked me Sunday morning and said she had to go to the hospital for 6 stitches in her elbow. I felt pretty good about helping her out.

The same 2am lap I passed a 50 yr old chick(cause I can do that) on some CC ski trail, I then headed into a piece of singletrack and she said "There's another one behind us coming 100mph. Sure shit...A light was headed up the trail and it was moovin. As it approached she exited the trail. At the last second I hopped off between a couple of pines to allow the pass in what was a very sweet technical move on my part if I do say so myself. Guess Who???? By the time I processed the Alterra kit he was gone and I missed my chance at a good wise crack. I did tell the 50 yr old chick behind me,"I know that dude" She said "How can you tell, all I saw was a blur". Then I showed my "Macho" by dropping her for good.

Pics. of Phillips and myself were stolen from a much better blog than mine.