Saturday, September 27, 2008

PLANET BIKE CUP..............

Jonathan Page's Planet Bike Cup..........

More pics here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CHEQUAMEGON 08.....................

The weekend was a blast again this year.
I have come to realize that unless you are a fastguy.....The 40 should be taken lightly....Coors lightly.

So, instead of taking it easy on Friday and hittin' the sack early so I could be up at the buttcrack of dawn to set my bike out towards the front......I decided to ride some sweet singletrack on Friday (not too hard of a ride...just hard enough to rip off one of my crank arms) Raw power is way over-rated.

I then decided a few good beers...followed by a few Coors lights....followed by a few more good beers was a better idea than a good nights sleep and setting out my bike.

Besides..this year I had a prefered start. They prefered I start in the back with the rest of the humps. So start in the back is what I did.

In case you fastguys didn't know......the back is the new front.

The hillarious shit you get to witness back there is worth the price of registration and then some.
Like the jackass that slid off the course face first into a patch of poison ivy. He deserves everything he gets the way he was riding. And then there's the guy that had a boombox strapped to his rear rack jammin' with the volume cranked just to name a few. I rode with him for 2 Kid Rock tunes and then moved on.

I rode the entire race with teammates John Timm and Mike Gietner. Everytime I crossed the redline I would back it off only to come around the next corner to see John and Mike softpedaling waiting for me to get back on. That was working just fine until those two stopped to visit our sponsor quick.....that's when I made my break only to get caught again on Firetower Hill. We kept our little blue train rollin' until the end with me jumping to the front whenever I saw a camera.

Speaking of about the three headed monster that was Adventure 212? Three of the top 8 spots is a pretty nice day's work.
I read that the best gameface in mountainbiking took the front and actually lead the race for a few miles. That would have made for a good photo for sure.

So there you have it.....good friends, good food, good fun.....and Coors light.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Gus woke up yesterday waiving the white flag signifying he was ready to retire. Not to worry..There won't be any teary press conference, followed by a change of heart and a comeback....Gus was ready for retirement for sure.
This shit is never easy, but we were lucky to have him for a year and a half.......What a great dog...

In lighter news...
Rust on my can of big air hints that I may be stretching my good luck a little too far.

I'm off to Chequamegon.