Saturday, May 17, 2008

MEMORIAL DAY RIDE..........................

How 'bout a Memorial Day MTB ride on the fine trails of Wauwatosa???

The ride shall depart from Casa de Bubba at 11:00am and hit the woods for a few hour tour of all the places I've been hurting myself lately. We can lap past my place a few times in case anyone needs to knock off early. Fast folks, slow folks....We can break into 2 groups if necessary or the fast guys can wait for me at intersections and other strategic points. As you can see, I'm as flexible as a Russian gymnast.

If you are reading this, you are invited. ( you also need to find better things to do with your time)...

I understand the ride will also be the 3rd stage of The Tour de Goat IIII. I"m not quite sure what that means, but I've got the stones to find out.....Do you??

After the ride, I will be firing up the grill for some backyard grilling and bullshitting. So load up a cooler with your favorite dead animal parts and a few drinks and we'll have at it.

Casa de Bubba is located at 3215 N Menomonee River Parkway


Jim G said...

It is not Tour de Goat IIII.

It is Tour de Goat IV.

Geez Bubba, you should know this having graduated grade school and all.

The IV denotes intravenous fluids.

It is like a party where you BYOB.This is just BYOIV.

drd said...


I'd love to bike and hang at the Casa....but I'm working that day. DANG!

Rick said...

Tour de Goat Huh?

where are we going to DNF? I vote for North Ave.